babysit 0.1.0

Today, about a week and a hafl after the first release of babysit, I’m releasing v0.1. This version packs some new features, and eventhough it is only the second release of babysit, already some breaking changes. To be honest, there were so many changes in the code, this release feels like a complete rewrite.

Eventhough it feels like a complete rewrite, it really is not, its mainly me learing how to use Golang effectively. Making mistakes, and fixing them. Word of warning though; this doesn’t help the stability of babysit. Its still very early in its development, and because so much has changed the last week its hard to predict how it would behave.

A few features have been added. To start off, I’m moving away from the term ‘Private-Token’. I understand GitLabs need for it, and given the internals for GitLab itself, babysit still supports it, but termonology is changed to access_token in the configuration file.

About the config file, this is in the directory $HOME/.babysit. In this directory its falled config.toml. If you rename the private_token key in the file, you can just move it to the new directory. It has all been moved to a directory to have a location to store all merge requests on disk. This has been done so babysit can pick up where it left off since last time after a restart. How convenient! Added bonus, given the updates are written there, babysit ls now can read the file and display the status without the server running!

babysit ls