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Husband, Father, Computer Science BSC, and GitLab Team member.

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Faster from idea to production slides

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Last week, I was invited to NLUUGs spring conference to talk about GitLabs 9.0 release. This opportunity was too good to pass up on, so I went there to talk about GitLab and our product. I’m under the impression the talk will be published later, but for now everyone will have to make do with the slides.

babysit 0.1.0

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Today, about a week and a hafl after the first release of babysit, I’m releasing v0.1. This version packs some new features, and eventhough it is only the second release of babysit, already some breaking changes. To be honest, there were so many changes in the code, this release feels like a complete rewrite. Eventhough it feels like a complete rewrite, it really is not, its mainly me learing how to use Golang effectively. Read More...

Releasing babysit 0.0.0

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Today I’m releasing my first CLI tool, really to scratch my own back. It’s called babysit, and is meant to track the progress and status of the merge requests you’re interested in. To be quite honest with you, the initial commit is rather limited in the functionallity it offers. However, given it still doesn’t really fixes all my problems in my development flow, I will continue to work on and hope to improve it rapidly the next few weeks. Read More...