Releasing babysit 0.0.0

Today I’m releasing my first CLI tool, really to scratch my own back. It’s called babysit, and is meant to track the progress and status of the merge requests you’re interested in.

To be quite honest with you, the initial commit is rather limited in the functionallity it offers. However, given it still doesn’t really fixes all my problems in my development flow, I will continue to work on and hope to improve it rapidly the next few weeks.

How it works Link to heading

Right now, you should install it with go install, after fetching its dependencies with go get. If thats out of the way, Ill start explaining a bit of the design. The server is meant to run in the background to basically long poll for updates on the merge requests to track. The server is started with babysit server.

If its running, it needs merge requests to track. These are provided by running babysit track 'gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!5555' (the single quotes as bash and zsh don’t play nice with the explamation mark). babysit will fetch the required data and store that in memory. When you’d like to see the status you can execute

$ babysit list # ls is an alias
|       MERGE REQUEST       |             TITLE              |     STATUS      |
| gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!9511 | Greatly optimise               | Merge conflicts |
|                           | RegisterBuildService by        |                 |
|                           | intelligently accessing tags   |                 |

Contributions or code critique is welcome! Please take a look at the [project] babysit-project.